A ‘Howellin’ Good Time

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Photo Courtesy of Howell Family Pumpkin Patch - http://www.ahowlinggoodtime.com/

With a dream, and a few hundred pumpkins Jerry Howell used to wheelbarrow a slew of those pumpkins to the roadside in hopes passer-byers would purchase one or two to create a bright orange, festive look outside their doors on the eve of October 31st. Now 35 years later Mr. Jerry Howell has created something so precious, enjoyable and down right fun for all at The Howell Family Pumpkin Farm.

Every single year ever since the invisible doors of this farm opened it has always been a howlin’ good time for all. Take your pick at the multitude of adventures, activities and shows at The Farm. For all who want to take a look at some of the largest pumpkins found in the Niagara Region come on over and purchase one for your front door. The selection of pumpkins here is endless.


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If you are looking to step into a little adventure then get lost in the ‘Super Corny Cobbs Maze Adventure’. Gain eight ‘hidden stamps’ throughout the puzzling maze and in the end cross over the victory bridge. If you have trouble while in the maze, no worries, you are able to hop up onto the haystacks and take a look around to see which wrong turn you made, just don’t make too many wrong turns or else you may not be able to find your way out.


Photo Courtesy of Howell Family Pumpkin Farm - http://www.ahowlinggoodtime.com/

After you succumb to a perfect victory hop on the ‘Scenic Wagon Ride’ to take in the beauty of the farm as you stroll through the short hills. When that’s all said and done get ready to get spooked at the ‘Haunted Spook Barn’. If you dare to walk through the eerie barn you will want to remember where you just turned as you don’t want to get lost in a spooky corner as you don’t know what could come crawling up your back.


Photo Courtesy of Howell Family Pumpkin Farm - http://www.ahowlinggoodtime.com/



Have a fear of the eeriness of Halloween and don’t feel like crying your way out of the Haunted Spook Barn then take a little time to jump up, up and away on ‘The Haystack Jumping Pillow’. This is probably one of the most memorable activities to partake in as its not everyday someone can say they jumped through haystacks. The jumping pillow is one of the reason people come back year after year.



If you aren’t keen on any one of these unique adventures then go venture off to the straw jump barn, tractor tire or hay play area in the vast valley or go on a Carolinian forest walk. Walks range from 15 to 45 minutes and enhance the beauty of nature throughout the forests on The Howell Pumpkin Farm.

Did you ever think that if you went to a Pumpkin Patch you’d be able to go into an animal farm, see a Skelton Band Show or pig race? Well with the imagination of The Howell Family these interesting facets are exactly what you will find at the Howell Family Pumpkin Farm.


Photo Courtesy of Howell Family Pumpkin Farm - http://www.ahowlinggoodtime.com/

The Howell Family Pumpkin Patch is the perfect spot in the Niagara Region to be immersed in all things perfectly aligned with Halloween. Many people’s favourite season is the December holiday season but The Howell Family’s favourite time of year is Halloween; with such a fantastic Pumpkin Farm there are many reasons as to why it will stay that way for years to come.

Check out http://www.ahowlinggoodtime.com/index.php to see admission costs and map out how you want to spend your day at The Howell Family Farm.


Photo Courtesy of Howell Family Pumpkin Farm - http://www.ahowlinggoodtime.com/

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