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Are you ready to dive into some of the best pizza the Niagara Region has to offer? If so then stop what your doing and at this second make your way on over to Antica Pizzeria; after you dive into a wood burning oven pizza all to yourself you will be thanking me. The logistics of Antica Pizzeria are simply put; The Mascia’s flew half way across the world, had a vision and made that vision into a reality that certainly has surpassed their expectations every since they step foot on Canadian soil.

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The newly renovated pizzeria has not only revamped its walls, but has created a unique menu that strives to focus on the delicious pizzas created in their wood burning oven along with traditional twists on Italian food. Starting years and years ago The Mascia’s only had 10 wood-oven pizzas on their menu, now with a plethora of wood-oven pizzas, appetizers, main and delectable desserts they certainly have risen to the high demand of tourists and locals alike. People flock here on a hot sunny day to sit outside and enjoy a pizza, glass of wine and watch the passer-byers or enjoy a lovely, lively dinner in the three unique rooms Antica’s has now expanded to.

Take your time as you strategically think of what wood-oven pizza you want as there are just too many to choose from, your best bet is to come back tomorrow and the next day to get a taste of the world all in the name of a scrumptious tasting wood-oven pizza from Antica’s.

Photo Courtesy of Antica's Pizzeria -

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