Cache, The New Restaurant in Town

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Cache is a new, perfect addition to St. Catharines downtown district. With a trendy, unique vision the owners of Cache were able to bring a sophisticated spot to the Garden City.  The restaurant and bar provides guests with unique funk and soul, European house, and rock and retro music nights where guests can dance the night away all the while enjoying tapas from the kitchen.

The menu at Cache was designed to enhance ones experience while going out for dinner or appetizers with friends. The vision of the venue was for the spot to be a “completely mature venue, coupled with a trendy menu and a maximal wine list.” Needless to say Cache certainly went above and beyond their vision and turned this venue into one for all to feast their eyes on. The menu encourages all to dive into unique twists on foods and enables all to sit back, relax and enjoy a rich bottle of wine or two. The atmosphere brings off that sophisticated nature that everyone wants to be apart of and enables all its guests to enjoy a lovely meal with a twist. The menu was created to add some spice of life to the venue all the while enabling the restaurant to transform into the perfect lounge afterhours. Cache is all about creating a night to remember and does so through its food, wine and refined nature.

Photo Courtesy of Cache Restaurant

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