Haunting Full Moon Walk

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Photo Courtesy of flickr.com/Monica

Have you ever wondered what history is lurking through the likes of Downtown St. Catharines? If so, then the Full Moon History and Haunts Walks is one of the most interesting events you will partake in while on your vacation to Niagara Falls this Halloween Season. Just a quick 15-minute drive from the heart of Niagara Falls, Downtown St. Catharines is awaiting all those who could go for a little scare this month’s full moon. The ghost stories will be pouring out through this walk, so its best you bring a long a flashlight or two to see if you can spot the next haunted tale.

The guided tours take you in the haunted tales of the past and present as you follow along the path of mystery that leads to the likes of the mysterious old Court House, the eerie Merritt House, haunting scenes on Queen Street and much more. Every full moon from April till November learn of all the spirits that will turn the hairs on your back upright for the entire walk. If you can go for a little Halloween haunt then there is nothing better to partake in than this full moon walk. You’ll be haunted for days.

Tickets to the Full Moon History & Haunts Walk are $8 for adults. To book your required reservations, call 905.685.8424 or email ghost@stcathdowntown.com.

Photo Courtesy of flickr.com/sticviews.com

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