A Tasteful Toast to Friends

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Photo Courtesy of Milestones

Have you ever just wanted a night out with the girls and not have to worry about waiting in those dreaded long lines, paying $20 for cover or having to yell across the bar for another shot for your four best friends? Well that dream of having a lovely girls night out without all of the fuss can be found in an ever so elegant way at Milestone’s Bar & Grill located in the heart of Niagara Falls.

Your night with your best friends consists of 4 of the cutest and most delicious Bellini’s, and appetizers with a whole lot of laughing and reminiscing involved. With a variety of appetizers there is surely something for everyone on the decadent list. From everything from Crispy Honey Phyllo Shrimp to Yam Frites you and the girls will indulge in a few too many delicious appetizers that will have you girls coming back from more next week. The best part of this night is that you and the girls will only spend $40 for the first round of drinks and appetizers. It certainly is a steal, but of course if you all haven’t seen each other in a few months or years than the bill might be a bit more than the original $40 you were all hoping to spend combined between the four of you.

You really won’t find a better spot to take in some quality girl time than at Milestone’s in Niagara Falls. The Bellini’s are ever so delicious and the appetizers ensure all of your taste buds are treated to the finest. The Yam Frites, as mentioned before are a sure hit for the group of you, as they are perfect for sharing. Another favourite is the Milestone’s Famous Hot Spinach & Artichoke Dip. The blend of imported Italian cheeses and artichoke hearts is certainly something to write home about. And of course if you are feeling a bit more adventurous and want to veer off of the Girls Night Out menu you are more then welcome to and dive into a whole slew of wonderful drinks, ever so tasty meals and decadent desserts.

Girls Night Out at Milestones is every Monday night, so be sure to call your favourite friends and enjoy a few drinks and a lot of laughs on one of the best spots for girls to sit back, relax and have some quality ‘girl time’.

Photo Courtesy of Milestones

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