Icy Wine Festival

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A ‘Shimmer of Gold’ is Niagara’s Ice Wine Festival, where you will taste some of the most delectable Ice wines, and delectable dishes using Ice wine as the main ingredient. The Festival, located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, is certainly the ‘it’ festival for the winter months as various wineries near and far are eager to share all of their uniquely crafted ice wines. The festival is outdoors and walking through the streets you’ll hear the oohs and ahs as people from all over taste various fine ice-wines developed right in the Niagara Region. The festival not only boasts over twenty different wineries, but various chefs partake in the festival and serve up uniquely crafted Ice wine themed dishes. You will be tasting ‘liquid gold’ all weekend long.

The festival commences on the weekend January 13 and ends on the 29th. If you have chose to dive into the festival with all hands on deck, it’s certainly suggested to purchase The Discovery Pass” prior to the event commencing. The pass includes a whole lot of ‘liquid ice wine gold’ as it enables you to taste test six different wines or dishes from any of the vendors. For only $30, this pass is something you will want to consider purchasing. The beauty of this festival is that you don’t have to hop from winery to winery in Niagara’s wine country as all of this liquid gold is laid out for you in one spot.

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If you’re one who loves a good cocktail, then January 21st is when you want to head off to The Niagara Ice Wine Festival. This is when the competition gets fierce as some of wine country’s fiercest mixologist strut their stuff in showcasing the versatility of Ice Wine. The event runs from 9-11pm and is of course located on Main Street. So grab a warm jacket, gloves and get your taste buds ready to dive into some unique Ice Wine cocktails. With a free event like this, it certainly is one for all to dabble their sweet noses into.

We are certainly all about wine in the Niagara Region and thus, this is one of the most unique festivals the town continually holds so all can taste some of the unique Ice wines that are available in this area. Check out The Niagara Ice Wine Festival’s website, where you’ll learn of all the events and happenings all festival long. With jazz bands strumming out, ice carvings showpieces, and delectable Ice Wines to dive into, The Niagara Ice Wine Festival is one of the best wine festivals Niagara has seen.

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