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Whenever you decide to take that drive, flight or train ride down to Niagara Falls, there is one event that you certainly can not miss while visiting this magical city. That one event, well, it’s watching the fireworks that illuminate the sky for 52 weeks a year. Being Canada’s longest running fireworks display it certainly is a sight to see.

From mid-May to September the sky is brighter than bright every Friday and Sunday nights at 10pm and during those cold winter months the show starts at 9pm. Having viewed this magical display of lights flickering in the sky it’s always best to grab some ice-cream on The Hill than stroll down to The Falls to see the show. One of the best spots to watch the fireworks display is at Table Rock restaurant, down by The Falls or of course up high in your hotel room located right along The Falls.

And the beauty of this show is that if you happen to miss it, no worries as The Falls itself is always illuminated with a brilliant light display which will surely have the kids in awe no matter when you finally make it town to this magical city. Niagara Falls in all its glory not only boasts a natural wonder of the world, but makes this natural wonder, The Falls, one of the most beautiful displays in Canada. The flashing fireworks are certainly a splendid sight to see!

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