Spend the Night with a Six Foot Tall White Rabbit.

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White rabbits have always been magical and Harvey is just one more example of that magic.

(Norman Browning as William R. Chumley, M.D. and Mary Haney as Veta Louise Simmons in Harvey. Photo by David Cooper.)

The Shaw Festival has always offered a sweet way to escape from the realities of today into the fantasies of another time.  With “Harvey“, playing this season at the elegant Royal George, theatre lovers can relive one of cinema’s great stories.
The playbill explains: “Everyone wants to meet Elwood Dowd and his friend Harvey. When they enter a room, strangers soon become friends and people want to share a drink with them. But Harvey is a six-foot invisible rabbit and Elwood’s sister wants him gone. The question is – does the world need another “normal” chap, or more Harveys? A new look at this Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Mary Chase, made famous by Jimmy Stewart’s portrayal of the loveable Elwood Dowd in the 1950 film .”

If you are coming for an afternoon performance, consider arranging a picnic when you book your ticket.  Choose either a roast beef and arugula sandwich or grilled lemon chicken wrap (vegetarian option available), with spinach and strawberry salad, a non-alcoholic refreshment and freshly baked brownie with seasonal berries. It’s $14.50 pp, and if you bring your own chilled bottle of Niagara riesling, you have a picnic fit for kings, or invisible rabbits.  Pick up your picnic and head for the park by the river, enjoy a peaceful lunch and then hit the Royal George for a light hearted performance of  Harvey.

(photo by Chris Beard)

Shaw would approve.

(Photo courtesy of The Shaw Festival)

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