New ‘Big Cheese’ in the Neighbourhood

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Upper Canada Cheese in Jordan Station already makes what I believe is one of the best cheeses in Canada, the creamy and buttery Comfort Cream, (pictured below)

(Photo courtesy of Upper Canada Cheese)

as well as a lovely firmer semi-soft  but flavourful cheese, Niagara Gold.  While the Comfort Cream is my total favourite for serving with some Niagara pears or peaches and a chilled glass of Daniel Lenko’s chardonnay, the Niagara Gold is also an excellent cheese, fashioned after recipes developed by the Trappist Monks of the Loire Valley.  A more assertive cheese, it is perfect with some rustic bread, a slice or two of Iberico ham and a glass of cold beer, preferably a Nicklebrook.

But there ‘s new girl at the cheesemongers, and she’s great when she’s hot!  Guernsey Girl holds its shape when used in cooking, either fried or grilled, and carmelizes nicely, with the interior becoming soft and pliable.  Like halloumie cheese, it is squeeky, but not chewy or greasy, and has a more aggressive flavour. I’m looking forward to trying it in a quiche, or maybe wrapped in proscuitto and grilled until runny.  It would also make a great cheese for buschetta.

These are artisanal cheeses, made from the milk of one of the last herds of Guernsey cows, raised on the nearby  Comfort family farm for generations.  The cheeses are hand salted, hand turned and hand wrapped.  And, as you would expect with this much particular attention, hand work and small output, the UCC cheeses are not cheap – but worth every ounce, for my money.

Stop in at this artisanal cheese shop in Jordan Station to buy one of the wonderful cheeses – they also make a fabulous ricotta – and you will become a UCC addict.  The store also carries other cheeses, gourmet products, bread, jams and all sorts of things that would work well in a picnic basket.  You can watch the cheese making process through large windows in the back.

( Photo courtesy of Upper Canada Cheese)

Stop in and taste some of these cheeses – you will become an instant fan, guaranteed.

Store Hours

Monday to Wednesday 10:00am – 5:00pm

Thursday, Friday 10:00am – 5:00pm

Saturday 10:00am – 5:00pm

Sunday 10:00am – 5:00pm

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