Orlando’s Best Desserts

Food, What's New — By Kristen Manieri on June 20, 2010 at 9:43 am

I am a proud, self-proclaimed sugar addict. Nothing pleases me more than a decadent treat – could be ice cream, pie, or cake… I’m really not picky. But I am fussy when it comes to quality which is why I’ve scoured Orlando and created this list of only the BEST dessert spots to aid fellow dessert-aholics in their quest for sweet ecstasy.

Any good ‘best dessert’ list would be truly inadequate if didn’t include The Dessert Lady. Now with two locations (one on Kirkman near Universal and one at Church Street Station, downtown), these ultra-decadent dessert cafes have become infamous for their vast selection of mountainous indulgences like 6 Layer Chocolate Cake and Peanut Butter Pie. Decorated with rich fabrics and painted with reds, pinks and purples, these cafés are practically dripping with romance and sensuality. Owner Patti Schmidt calls her café’s style “chic-modern, European flair with whimsical controlled clutter.”

On a hot day, you can’t beat a gourmet frozen yogurt. I’ve fallen for two places – Gurtzberry Yogurt on Park Avenue, Winter Park & CéFiore in College Park. Both offer a handful of yogurt flavors but dozens of toppings so you can totally customize your icy treat just the way you like it.

Trish’s Tea Room, in Baldwin Park, is a traditional tea room with basics you’d expect like cucumber sandwiches and quiches. But along with more than 150 varieties of teas to sip, Trish has whipped up a delightful variety of freshly baked scones that are simply delish – thanks Trish.

When it comes to after-dinner delights, you’ll never see me turn down a mini indulgence at Seasons 52 – in fact, I’m likely to have two or three. These shot glass-sized petite desserts come in flavors like pecan pie and strawberry shortcake. Servers have learned eons ago that when they set the tray of desserts right on your table for you to choose from, there is no way you’ll resist the temptation. A few doors down from their Sand Lake location, Roy’s delivers a TKO dessert that’s never slid off my top ten list; Roy’s Melting Hot Chocolate Soufflé is to die for.

Winter Park’s Ravenous Pig has a stellar dessert menu with notable favorites like their warm, sticky coffee cake and ‘Pig Tails’, warm cinnamon-sugar tossed fritters with a chocolate sauce. Both the Bourbon Pecan Pie Tower and the Banana Split Pie make a trip to Hue worth the while, especially if you can grab a spot on their fabulous downtown patio.

Inside Walt Disney World, the Chocolate Lava Cake at the Flying Fish Café is always a reliable favorite as are the Beavertails which can only be found at the Canada exhibit inside Epcot’s World Showcase. And finally, Rainforest Café’s Banana Chocolate Cheese Cake deserves a mention.

With so many desserts to choose from, you’d almost think you’d need an Orlando visit completely devoted to eating sweets. Hmmm… not a bad idea!

by cbcastro