An ‘Out of Body’ Orlando Spa Experience

Romantic, Things to Do — By Kristen Manieri on November 29, 2010 at 2:15 am

I love going to the spa… in fact, it’s my favorite thing to do. I’ve been going to the Spa at Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes for years and only recently discovered what I’ve now deemed the best spa treatment I have experienced ever in my life. It’s called the Eco-Rooftop Hammock Experience and it can only be described as a total mind, body and soul experience.

Eco-Rooftop Hammock Experience

Let me set the scene for you…. the service begins on the exclusive rooftop sanctuary overlooking the spa pool. The secret garden-esque eco haven uses pots of lemongrass and rosemary and whimsical lanterns and birdhouses as décor. A gigantic hammock stationed over mats is the rooftop’s center, shaded by colorful canopy triangles and flanked by blowing trees. Are ya feelin’ me now?

I melted into the hand-crocheted hammock with eye pillows to completely block the light. From within the hammock, both the front and back sides of my body were accessible to the therapist who administered a blend of traditional massage, shiatsu, and reflexology as I gently swayed in a weightless womb of comfort. Sixty minutes later, I emerged feeling totally relaxed, balanced and centered. ah, so THIS is what heaven feels like!

Now that the days are cooler, this is the perfect time of year to experience this unique treatment. Be sure to set the entire day aside so you can  spend hours lounging around the spa’s various relaxation centers (check out the blog I wrote about the Ritz a few months ago).

For those avid spa goers who are in search of something beyond the typical massage or facial, THIS is the experience for you.

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