4 free or cheap kid-friendly art venues in Oslo

free, Kid Friendly, Things to Do, Travel Tips — By Anne-Sophie Redisch on April 6, 2010 at 5:48 pm

So your kids think art is boring? Being dragged through museums and galleries is a pain? In Oslo, they might change their mind. Below are four suggestions for educational and fun attractions for kids, representing sculpture, painting and architecture. Bonus: they’re either cheap or free!

1. Vigeland Sculpture Park

Frogner Park and the 212 granite and bronze nudes by sculptor Gustav Vigeland is a favourite among adults and kids. The park is also where locals walk their dogs, play frisbee, rollerblade, suntan and stroll. And the kids? They love running around in the 10 000-foot-long labyrinth, imitating Sinnataggen (meaning Angry Little Boy) and best of all: climbing on the statues. Entrance is free.

2. National Gallery

The National Gallery is home to some of the most famous works of local painter Edvard Munch. Kids seem to be especially fascinated with his painting Skrik (The Scream). Entrance is free.

3. International Museum of Children’s Art

See the world through the eyes of children at The International Museum of Children’s Art. Here, kids can have a look at paintings by children from all over the world – or create their own art at drop-in workshops. It’s possibly the only museum in the world of its kind and known as the Louvre of children’s art. Have a look at art samples from the different continents by clicking at this map. Entrance is NOK 50/30 for adults/children (that’s USD 8/5); or free if you have the Oslo Card.

4. Oslo Opera House

Think architecture is something to be admired from a distance? Think again. The white marble roof of Oslo Opera House is designed like an ice floe gradually sloping into the fjord. I have yet to pass by without seeing people walking on the roof. Kids love running on it – up and down. Take care with the youngest ones though – there’s no guard rail at the water. The Opera House belongs to the people, so walking or running on the roof is, of course,¬†free.

Photos by Oli Jon, amateur_photo_bore, oddsock, The International Museum of Children’s Art, Kris Taelemann and MGSpiller

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