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Food — By Anne-Sophie Redisch on July 1, 2010 at 9:21 pm

A favourite summer pasttime in Oslo is boating on the fjord, maybe on the beautiful tall ship Christian Radich, even. On the fjord, the obvious snack, or rather, dinner, is a heap of prawns. You peel them, add mayo, squeeze on some lemon and make prawn sandwiches. Chilled white wine is the ideal companion. Or local spring water, perhaps from Voss over in the West Country. (Although many think buying bottled water is ridiculous, especially since tap water comes from the same source.)

Munching on strawberries or sweet cherries is perfect for afters on a warm summer evening.

Oslovians can’t ever get enough of the outdoors. So summer also means hiking, often in Nordmarka Forest. Dark crisp bread is a fave hiking lunch, often with brown goat cheese or fish.

Crisp bread comes in a great variety.

Salmon or mackerel on your crisp bread?

Belgian and Swiss chockies be damned; everyone here is convinced Norwegian chocolate is the best in the world. The favourites haven’t changed in 100 years and include milk chocolate, Troika – filled with layers of truffle, raspberry jelly and marzipan, and Mandelstang, filled with a vanilla fondant and covered in almonds. All of these have been around since the early 1900s; Mandelstang is the winner though, having been produced since 1897. A favourite skiing snack during Easter vacation is Kvikklunsj and Solo

You won’t find a kiddie birthday party (and often adult birthday party as well) without Seigmenn (meaning sticky men) or Seigdamer (I’ll let you guess the translation) and Sørlandschips from the Southland counties.

Finally, Norwegians like strong, salty liquorice – often in the shape of Dundersalt or Tyrkisk pepper. (Hint: dissolve a couple in a glass of vodka for a great pepper shot).

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  • Marie R says:

    Umm – I remember prawn evenings on the Oslo fjord. It was wonderful!


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