Oslo Innovation Clinic Offers Treatment for Ideas

What's New — By Anne-Sophie Redisch on August 23, 2010 at 12:00 pm

At Oslo University Hospital’s Idepoliklinikken (Clinic of Innovation), you cannot have your eyes examined – or any other body parts. Instead, your ideas can be diagnosed and treated: Is your idea a good one? Is it viable? How can you develop it further? What would be a potential business model? How to commercialise your idea? In short – how to “lift your idea from the kitchen sink to a finished product”.

These are all issues the clinic will help you with. The idea is to engage everyone in innovation and encourage good ideas for useful products. Officially opened three years ago by the Minister for Trade and Industry, the clinic is organised as an ordinary policlinic, with examination, treatment and follow-ups.

Photo by cayusa on flickr’s Creative Commons

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