Earth hour 2011 in Oslo

What's New — By Anne-Sophie Redisch on March 23, 2011 at 12:00 pm

On 26 March at 2030 (8:30 pm), Oslo and the rest of the country will switch off the lights for an hour. Last year, 1.8 million Norwegians over the age of 15 – that’s about half of the population – participated in Earth Hour, locally known as Slukk lyset kampanjen (switch off the light-campaign), as did hundreds of regional councils, companies, organisations and landmark buildings, including the Opera House. Energy usage decreased by 250 million watts, which is the equivalent of 6 million 40W light globes (light bulbs).

Various cities and towns around the country compete to see who can save the most energy during earth hour. This year, there’s also a (friendly) match between Denmark and Norway on who’ll do best.

So switch off your lights, everyone. You’ll be in good company. The King switches off lights at the Royal Palace for Earth Hour:

Photo by Giara/flickr’s Creative Commons

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