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Free Oslo: Frogner Park

Free Oslo: Frogner Park August 26, 2010 | free, Kid Friendly, Travel Tips | Read More
Frogner Park is home to the world’s largest sculpture park by one single artist. Gustav Vigeland created the 212 bronze and granite nudes that grace this park, depicting human life in all its forms. Vigeland was also responsible for the lay-out and architecture of the park. Besides being one of...

PhotoFriday Oslo – The Monolith

PhotoFriday Oslo – The Monolith April 9, 2010 | Things to Do, Travel Tips | Read More
The Monolith is the most famous statue in Frogner Park, Oslo’s most visited attraction. 121 nudes clamber upwards. Towards what, nobody knows. Sculptor Gustav Vigeland refused to assign a meaning to his column, saying it belongs to the world of the imagination. So it’s up to you to decide. Photo...

4 free or cheap kid-friendly art venues in Oslo

4 free or cheap kid-friendly art venues in Oslo April 6, 2010 | free, Kid Friendly, Things to Do, Travel Tips | Read More
So your kids think art is boring? Being dragged through museums and galleries is a pain? In Oslo, they might change their mind. Below are four suggestions for educational and fun attractions for kids, representing sculpture, painting and architecture. Bonus: they’re either cheap or free! 1. Vigeland...