Getting from Salt Lake City to Park City and Back

Travel Tips — By cbalaz on March 8, 2012 at 3:45 pm


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There is an infinite number of reasons for going from Salt Lake City to Park City, and back. However, many times you simply can’t – or don’t want to – drive your own car. You might have flown into town for a ski vacation, and haven’t rented a car – precisely because Park City has its very own, comprehensive Free Transit Bus System. Or you might want to head up to Park City for just one night of partying; in that case, you certainly don’t want to drive home under the influence.

Enter: The Park City Connect shuttle bus service, a system of express buses running between Salt Lake City and its uphill neighbor. Operated by Utah Transit Authority, the same company that oversees Salt Lake Valley’s public transportation, these buses cost just $5.50 to ride in either direction. During the work week, the buses make seven trips in each direction every day. On the weekends, the the buses make three morning trips in each direction. The route contains limited stops within Salt Lake City and Park City, with buses picking up and depositing passengers at major transportation hubs within their respective cities. Those who expect to make several trips can purchase a three- or even 30-day pass.

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