Perth’s winter is another city’s summer

Travel Tips — By Amanda Kendle on June 23, 2010 at 8:49 am

Can I give you another really good reason to come to Perth – at any time of year? It’s simple, really: the weather.

It’s not just that Perth is famous for being the sunniest of all Australian cities, with an average of 3,200 hours a year (I’ll save you from reaching for the calculator: that’s an average of almost nine hours of sunshine per day. Not bad, huh?). The fact is that even though you’ll hear me complaining occasionally about the weather being a bit chilly at the moment – we’re in the middle of winter – it really isn’t. The temperature here has virtually never dropped below freezing.  It did once, recently, but just by half a degree! And even when it is a bit cold, most often the sun is out and it’s a gorgeous day to be out and about in Perth.

This week I was out walking when I remembered how lucky we are in Perth to be able to go walking all year round and really enjoy it. The photo above shows the major freeway in Perth (and note how during the middle of the day you’re not going to get caught in a traffic jam) and above it, a big blue sky. Our mild winter also means that spring seems to hit very early and produce flowers all over the place, prior to the wildflower season in October.

So if you’re trying to decide what time of year to come to Perth, I can tell you that there isn’t really a bad time. If you want to swim at the beach then obviously summer will serve you better, but for walking and general sightseeing, probably anytime except summer is better – temperatures do often hit the century over summer and then being outside can be a bit draining, especially if you’re not used to the heat. And whenever you come, don’t forget your hat and suncream!

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