Perth supermarket sweep: Aussie snacks for travellers

Food — By Amanda Kendle on July 2, 2010 at 1:35 pm

I love heading to the supermarket when I land in a new city to check out what oddities adorn their shelves – but even more, I love heading to the supermarket in Perth when I’ve come home from some extended travel and have a craving for some of my favourite snacks. For your reading pleasure – and my eating pleasure – I’ve been doing the rounds of my supermarket this week gathering tasty snacks that are either a bit unique or just particularly tasty, and which are easy to find if you’re traveling in Perth. So without further ado, let me attempt to get your mouth watering with my favourite Perth supermarket snacks:

  1. I’m afraid to say that I’m something of a chocaholic, a fact that is about to become abundantly clear. My first Perth snack is a classic Australian chocolate: the Caramello Koala. Nothing says Australia more than a koala, right? Fill that koala (well, a chocolate approximation of one) with gooey, sticky caramel and you are totally on a winner. These little bundles of calories are both cute and tasty, although my preference is for the Giant Caramello (not stocked in my supermarket this week. What a shame!).
  2. Oops, more chocolate. Now, I know that Cadbury’s is a British company but here in Australia they do boast (in Tasmania) the largest chocolate factory in the southern hemisphere and nearly every Aussie has a soft spot for Cadbury’s as being “practically Australian”. It’s certainly extremely popular and you know how they say you should have a chocolate bar with you for energy in case you get lost – well, every traveler to Perth should have a Cadbury’s in their pocket. Trust me!
  3. As far as I can figure out, and please correct me if I’m wrong, chocolate freckles are a uniquely Australian treat. But they’re utterly delicious. These freckles are slightly larger than the regular ones and that’s what I like about them. Let me tell you a secret – I’m actually chomping my way though these freckles as I type up this post. Yum!
  4. Okay, let me give you a break from the sweet-tooth chocolate-addict snack suggestions. For something savoury, I recommend trying any of a multitude of interestingly-flavoured potato chips produced in Australia. These honey soy chicken ones are just an example; my favourite chips for a long time were Thai lime and ginger flavoured but sadly they seem to have been discontinued.
  5. Continuing on the salty theme, when in Australia you can’t go past our delicious macadamia nuts. These are native to Australia and are soft, tasty nuts which, as a bonus, are really nutritious. The macadamias in the future actually have a barbecue flavoured coating but the plain ones are just as good and probably healthier.
  6. Finally, let me point out the snack I actually most often buy in Perth when I’m on the road and starving: the humble banana. Of course, there’s nothing peculiarly Australian about bananas, but they are grown here and it was quite devastating a few years back when a bad storm destroyed much of that season’s bananas – making the prices skyrocket. These days bananas are again a cheap and healthy snack, just make sure the ones you buy are definitely Australian-grown.

[Photos courtesy of Jan Augustin]

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