Winter cafe hangouts in Perth

Food, What's New — By Amanda Kendle on July 11, 2010 at 12:23 pm

Right now in Perth it’s pretty wintry and cold – in fact as I type this a storm is passing through dumping way too much water at once on my back patio – and it’s easy to want to stay at home and hibernate. This type of weather (as I’ve mentioned) is pretty rare for Perth, but what would you do if you happened to visit Perth during one of these unusual stormy days? My tip is to hit the cafe scene and indulge in some delicious hot chocolate and, because you need calories to keep you warm, a hefty piece of cake. Go on, you have my permission to do it without feeling guilty!

Across the city centre, Fremantle and the suburbs of Perth there are literally hundreds and hundreds of great cafes serving up steaming hot coffee and tasty cakes every day, and the best piece of advice I can give is simply to go exploring – check out the cakes before you sit down and if nothing grabs your attention, move on to the next cafe. Alternatively, ask the locals you meet for some advice on the nearest and best. And finally, you can also try a few of my favourites – places I’ve been found in a few times this winter, usually with a hot chocolate in front of me. For the record, the photo shows a fancily-decorated hot chocolate at the John Street Cafe, although I wish I’d got a picture of my friend’s latte before she drank it – it was decorated with a fish on top, even more impressive than mine!

  • In Cottesloe, the John Street Cafe is a locally famous spot and is a short walk from the famous Cottesloe Beach – you probably won’t be taking a winter swim there but a walk along the beach on a typical Perth winter’s day – often a sunny one – is a great experience. John Street offers an escape if it gets too chilly for you on the beach, but is set back far enough that you can feel like you’re experience a completely different side of Cottesloe, and you’ll definitely feel like you’re mingling with the locals.
  • A staple for me is the Lawley’s Bakery Cafe on Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley, and in winter I recommend it especially for the soup. It changes daily and comes with some of their delicious crusty bread, and I’ve never been let down by a single serve of Lawley’s soup. If you turn up on a day when pumpkin soup is on the menu then I think you’re especially lucky.
  • On the cafe strip of Oxford Street in Leederville, there is a large choice of cafes, but a particular favourite of mine is Greens and Co. for a big piece of cake (but not to sit out front on the street!). The sofas and other varied kinds of seating makes the place feel pretty cosy, despite how large it is.

Hanging out in a trendy cafe is a great way to get in out of the winter weather in Perth, but the most important thing to know is that you probably won’t have to stay there long. Chances are good that the sun will come out, or the weather take just a day or two to turn warm again.

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