Perth Zoo Excursion Comes Highly Recommended

Kid Friendly, Things to Do — By Amanda Kendle on July 24, 2010 at 1:46 pm

You might remember my recent trip to the Perth Zoo was just slightly hampered by a parking ticket – but what I haven’t yet mentioned is how impressed I was by the Perth Zoo itself.

I grew up visiting the zoo as a child, but remember mostly concrete and steel cages, which was probably the norm in most zoos at the time. My last trip to Perth Zoo must have been about ten years ago and I was already amazed then by the transformation. These days the Perth Zoo is a fantastic day out, and it’s definitely a lot more than just animals in cages.

The Perth Zoo is divided into different habitat areas, namely the Australian Walkabout, Asian Rainforest and African Savannah areas, and like many modern day zoos they are carefully designed to imitate the environment the animals inhabit in the wild. Since I went to the zoo recently, and have mentioned it to Perth friends, I’ve been surprised at how many people have complained that when they went, some of the animals were hard to see – yes, not every animal was parading right at the front of its enclosure, but with a little patience I could spot nearly every animal and I didn’t have to peer through nasty cages to see them. Give me something resembling their natural habitat any day!

The zoo is also heavily involved in various conservation and research programmes – thumbs up for that. And at the other end of the entertainment scale, there are sometimes music concerts (rock music, too) and other events held in the zoo grounds. Check the Perth Zoo website to plan your visit before you arrive.

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  • Allen Nyhuis says:

    I’ve honestly long wanted to get over there to Australia to see some of its better zoos — and the Perth Zoo is one I really want to see. I’m intrigued about that side of Australia.

    Allen Nyhuis, Coauthor: America’s Best Zoos

  • Amanda says:

    Great to hear, Allen. Perth Zoo may not be as well known as an eastern Australian zoo like Taronga but it’s still very much worth the trip. You’d probably enjoy other Perth attractions too like Caversham Wildlife Park or the nighttime walks at Karakamia.


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