Take a Bus in Perth Instead of Parking Your Car

Travel Tips — By Amanda Kendle on August 11, 2010 at 1:08 pm

Apparently I told a bit of a lie in my blog post last month on avoiding parking tickets in Perth. I didn’t mean to – I said that costs for parking your car in Perth are “not too outrageous”, and I thought it was true, but now an international survey has found that Perth parking is the seventh most expensive city in the world! That’s terrible!

The article seems to be talking only about parking a car in the CBD (Central Business District, or downtown), and to be fair, this is usually not a very sensible place to take your car. Many Perth commuters still drive to work so most car parking spots will be full long before you, as a tourist, try to find a place to leave your hire car. Instead, if you’re staying outside of it, I’d strongly recommend taking either a bus or a train into the Perth city centre.

Perth’s public transport system isn’t fantastic, but one of its strengths is that “all roads lead to central Perth” – a high proportion of the bus routes, and all of the train routes, pass through the centre of Perth so it’s highly likely that there will be a bus route or train line near where you stay that will get you into the city centre.

To sum up: yes, you’ll probably need to rent a car to really enjoy Perth properly. No, you shouldn’t bring it into the city centre, unless you’re made of money, but even then finding a spot can be a bit of an exercise. As for Perth’s public transport system, check back soon for my guide to catching buses, trains and ferries in Perth.

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