Catching a Bus, Train or Ferry in Perth: A Guide for Visitors

Travel Tips — By Amanda Kendle on August 18, 2010 at 1:28 pm

If you plan to catch public transport on your trip to Perth, then this post has the information and tips you need to get around smoothly. And if it doesn’t have everything you need to know, just ask me a question in the comments and I’ll answer it!

Basically, the entire public transport system of Perth is administered by Transperth – in recent years, ownership and operation of parts of the transport system have been outsourced, but Transperth is still the overarching body and it’s Transperth which takes care of the relevant stuff like timetables and tickets.

The most common mode of transport is the bus; there are also five train lines and a small ferry service.  The buses run all over Perth, and the train lines extend from Perth in the centre out to Fremantle, Joondalup, Mandurah, Armadale and Midland. Finally, the ferry service runs between the Barrack Street Jetty and the South Perth foreshore, making it a common route for visitors to the Perth Zoo.

While you’ll see the local residents “tagging on” and “tagging off” with their Smartcards, tourists would usually use the option of buying tickets from the vending machines at train stations or directly from the bus driver. There are some special deals depending on how much you plan to travel; the best option for tourists is usually a DayRider ticket. This can be used all day and is relatively cheap; you have to travel after 9.00am but if you’re on holiday you shouldn’t want to head off too early anyway!

Perth’s public transport system is not the best in the world, and that’s mainly because the city and suburbs of Perth are very sprawling, with most people wanting to live on their own block of land in their own house, and preferably near the coast. This all means that unless you are going in and out of the city, good transport routes are pretty rare. Check the Transperth website to find if a bus or train goes near where you want to go.

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