Bargaining On Your Perth Shopping Trips

Travel Tips — By Amanda Kendle on September 6, 2010 at 6:20 am

If you’re shopping for souvenirs, food or perhaps some Australian fashion while you’re in Perth, can you do some haggling? A local might immediately respond “No,” but in fact there are more situations than you’d expect where a bit of bargaining is possible.

In general, what you see is what you pay in Perth – if the sign says $5, hand over your five bucks. But, and this but could save you a heap of cash, there are some exceptions. The kind of places and situations where you can haggle the price down a bit include:

  • At more “informal” shopping places such as the Fremantle Markets, the stall holders might be amenable to doing some deals. But we’re not talking Asian style haggling where the original price is quoted as ten times or more what they actually expect you to pay – most people will just pay what the price tag says so don’t go insane with your haggling. Just politely ask if they’d except $20 instead of $22, for example.
  • Any place where you’re buying in multiples (except big franchise stores or supermarkets)┬ácan be a negotiating possibility. Pretty much every souvenir shop in town will cut you a deal if you buy ten T-shirts to take home as souvenirs. Don’t be afraid to ask.
  • For big-ticket items, the best way to bargain is to shop around and compare similar products. Many stores will “price match” – beat the best price you can find from a competitor. Sometimes you’ll need some evidence like a catalogue or something so that the employees can put through the “price match” sale.

So, don’t come to Perth if your dream destination is a haggler’s paradise – bargain hunting in Perth isn’t necessarily about having the best negotiation skills. But it does pay to shop around and to remember that it never hurts to ask about a discount – the worst that can happen is they’ll say no and you’ll have to pay full price or walk away. Happy shopping!

[Pic of Fremantle Markets courtesy of leeyfoong]

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