Speaking of Spring: Perth Parks Guide

free — By Amanda Kendle on September 23, 2010 at 4:05 am

While the northern hemisphere is putting the finishing touches to summer, down here in Perth we are just getting the feeling that summer is approaching. Clear skies and warmer days are a sure sign that spring is well and truly here, like I mentioned recently with my spring tip to visit Lake Monger.

On the topic of spring, it’s also a perfect time to get out and about in Perth’s numerous parks. I love this photo – it’s in Kings Park, ¬†and the man having a rest there is doing something I must admit I also love to do. The lawn is lusciously soft – unusual for Perth, where our water restrictions mean most of us have dry, crunchy lawn – and the surroundings are beautiful. But as you can see, there are also plenty of other things going on in Kings Park, like the school group visiting in the background.

If you are keen to visit some of Perth’s most beautiful parks, check out my Guide to Perth Parks for enough great parks to last you a whole week in Perth – probably more, because you’ll want to keep going back to them. Have you come across any other great Perth parks? Let me know in the comments. And if you haven’t been to Perth yet, then let me know what kind of activities you like to get up to in parks while you’re travelling.

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  • syd dyer says:

    we love perth and have spent many lovely evenings sitting in kings park wita a picnic and a glass of wine , just enjoying looking out over the city. we have been visiting our daughter and son in law every year since 2000, we had just a grandaughter and a grandson when they first emigrated and over 10 years we now have two grat grandsons and two great grandaughters , the youngest of who was born august 31st this year 2010. we will be coming to perth again in jan 2011 for a two month stay. and we are looking forward to seeing our family again.

  • Amanda says:

    Thanks for your comment, Syd, and I couldn’t agree more – a picnic with a glass of wine in Kings Park is a perfect way to spend an evening, especially a summer one. Best wishes for your 2011 return visit!

  • Mat says:

    that is my wallpaper now, gush thats a gorgeous picture
    thx a million lot

  • Amanda says:

    No problem Mat, glad you liked it!


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