Perth to Rottnest Ferry Prices Getting Cheaper

What's New — By Amanda Kendle on October 27, 2010 at 11:13 pm

The delightful island just off the Perth coast, our beloved Rottnest Island, is a favourite place for locals to holiday and a very popular tourist attraction for Perth visitors to make a day trip too. The one catch is that the ferry prices are not exactly on the cheap side. If you leave from Fremantle a trip will cost you A$60, and A$80 from Perth, and if you stay overnight you need to add A$9 to the prices; from the northern suburbs, a trip from Hillarys to Rottnest will set you back A$82 and $A85 for an extended stay ticket. This might seem expensive or cheap to you depending on your currency but for me as a local Perthite, I’d say it’s pretty pricey, and I’d certainly head over to “Rotto” a lot more regularly if the ticket was cheaper.

Rottnest ferry wake by notaballerina

And so … there’s good news! I’ve just read that as of December 14 things are going to get more flexible. The ferry companies are talking “budget airline style” with discounts, online specials and cheaper fares for the less popular times. And I discovered that there is already a $30 special on Tuesdays so I might have to get over there on a Tuesday in the near future.

The saving grace of Rottnest Island is that – I think – even if you have to pay a high fare to get there, it’s still thoroughly worth it. We’re so lucky to have this island paradise so close to the city and I always recommend it to people who come to Perth.

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