Christmas Holiday Fun in Perth

Events — By Amanda Kendle on December 7, 2010 at 1:16 am

Spending Christmas down here in Perth is a lot different to the way most people spend Christmas: there’s never any snow, and the temperatures are often around the century mark! So if you’re looking for a great Aussie non-traditional Christmas, what can you get up to in Perth? Here are a few of the Christmas highlights:

The Christmas Pageant

In early December each year, the Christmas Pageant parades through the city centre on a Sunday morning. There are numerous floats featuring all kinds of fun characters for kids to enjoy, plenty of marching bands and dance schools come along too, and of course at the end Santa drives through in his sleigh.

Carols by Candlelight

Throughout the whole of December, you’ll easily find several Carols by Candelight events being held somewhere every weekend. Whether it’s the large council-organised event in the Supreme Court Gardens or the local high school’s version close to your hotel, there’s nothing like mingling with the locals during the festive season.

The Boxing Day Sales

If you survive Christmas Day, then you are ready to grab a bargain in the Boxing Day sales, starting on December 26. The biggest bargains are usually to be had in the department stores and smaller shops along the Hay and Murray Street malls. The bargains aren’t quite as dramatic as they used to be – desperate shoppers had started to injure each other in the quest for the cheapest refrigerator – but they’re still worth checking out for some great Aussie souvenirs. Head here earlier in the month to enjoy the best of Perth’s Christmas decorations, too.

By the way, we have our own version of a Christmas tree too: the photo is of a native tree which we name “Christmas tree” because it blooms around this time of year. Pretty, isn’t it! (Thanks to laRuth for the photo).

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