Nearly a Cyclone in Usually Sunny Perth

What's New — By Amanda Kendle on January 31, 2011 at 5:43 am

I know I mention pretty often here that Perth is one of the sunniest places in the world, and has the longest average sunlight hours of any Australian city – which makes it a great place to come visit and easy to get heaps of lovely photos! But this past few days, Perth has been anything but sunny, very unusually.

Cyclone Bianca is the culprit, and while it’s quite common during the summer season (that’s now, here!) for cyclones to hit the north-west of Western Australia, just occasionally these cyclones kind of lose their way and come all the way down south to Perth. Over the weekend the news was full of warnings for Perth residents (and other areas up and down the coast), getting me and many others into our backyards to tie down and tidy up anything that could blow around.

But in Perth, all the warnings were the most exciting part. We had a little rain and it’s been grey and humid, but otherwise, no cyclone. This is a relief of course, as some country areas were very badly hit and a couple of people were killed in cyclone-related accidents.

Thanks to feli for this picture of Cyclone-Bianca-induced rain in Perth this weekend!

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