7 things to do on a GORGEOUS weekend in Philadelphia

Things to Do, Travel Tips, What's New — By abbygordon on March 19, 2010 at 8:47 pm

The forecast for the weekend is 72 degrees and sunny both days.  You’ve been hiding from the rain and snow for months, and now you just want to break out of your apartment/house/hotel.  What do you do?  What’s the best way to take advantage of that incredible sun illuminating the city?

1)   Sit in Rittenhouse Square.  All day.  Watch people juggling, listen to the guy playing guitar, join in a chess game, pet some dogs, and just take in the scenery.  You might even get lucky and see the guy in a Superman costume doing acrobatics.

Just another day in Rittenhouse Square

2)   Stroll down Walnut Street and, if you’re like me, try not to spend too much money on the beautiful clothes you see in window displays.

3)   Go hiking in the Wissahickon.

4)   Go on a bike ride and then have a picnic in Valley Forge Park, or, if that’s too far away, explore West River Drive and the western part of Fairmount Park.

5)   Play disc golf at the course in Fairmount Park, which you can find near 33rd Street and the famous Smith Playground.

Disc golf photo by KaCey97007

6)   Walk your dog and, if it’s summer and the fountains are on, let it swim in a fountain until a park ranger comes and tells you to move on (sorry, park rangers, but they just love it so much…).

7)   Have a drink or a meal at a place that offers outside seating.  Absorb the jealous stares of passersby.  Eat cheese.  Order another glass of wine.

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  • erica says:

    How I miss my hometown– you’ve just reminded me of the great things I used to do when I wasn’t eating hot dogs at 16th & JFK


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