How to Speak Philadelphian

What's New — By abbygordon on April 28, 2010 at 1:54 am

This is not a sub

Some tips to keep you from getting linguistically lost in this lovely city:

Hoagie = a big long sandwich that’s usually called a sub or a hero in other cities.

Lager = a Yuengling lager.  If you really want to say the whole name of the beer, make sure you pronounce it correctly: “Ying-ling.”

Rowhouse = a townhouse, Brownstone, whatever else you want to call it — an attached home that is part of a row of homes.

The El = Septa’s Blue Line, officially called the Market-Frankford Elevated Line, running east-west through West Philly and Center City and then turning north towards Fishtown and the Northeast.

The Subway = Septa’s Orange Line, officially called the Broad Street Line, running north-south through the city.

The Parkway = the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, which runs from City Hall to the Art Museum (Philadelphia-speak for the Philadelphia Museum of Art).  The Franklin Institute, the Academy of Natural Sciences, and Logan Circle can all be found on the Parkway.

Wawa = the best convenience store ever, also found in New Jersey.  Wawas have everything normal convenience stores have, plus a great deli with a big selection of made-to-order sandwiches (hot and cold), pre-packaged healthy snacks, and, well, just about anything else you might want.  Everything is good and fresh, which is what sets Wawa apart.

And if you REALLY want to sound like a Philadelphian, yous = the plural of you.


  • abbygordon says:

    Update: Apparently there are a few Wawas in Delaware also.

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