Summer Sunset

What's New — By abbygordon on June 18, 2010 at 2:31 am

This week I got an email suggesting I take some photos of the sunset in Philadelphia.  If you know Philadelphia, you know that a clear day with a beautiful sunset is a rarity during the summer in this city.  This week proved no different; it has been sticky and humid (which equates to not very exciting sunsets) or raining all week.  Hrm.  But then, magically, a wind came through and the sky cleared to the west tonight, right around 7:30, an hour or so before sunset.  I grabbed my camera and found a spot behind the Art Museum, where several other photographers were also setting up camp.  Gray clouds overhead suddenly looked magical with a yellow-orange glow of light streaming in from the western sky.  I took a few shots but felt like my camera (or my photography abilities) weren’t doing the scene justice…so you’ll have to keep these words in mind as you look at the photos.  From the upper paths behind the Art Museum, near the restored Victorian gazebo, at about 8:15pm on June 17th:

And (feeling insecure about my photos) here’s one I found on Flickr by someone named Elisabeth Baker, who apparently takes lovely photos.  This is also from behind the Art Museum, but (I think) from the lower path where the gazebo juts out toward the waterfall:


  • Nick says:

    I think the photos are great! (And I know what you mean about being an insecure photographer – I’m worse than useless, often so paralysed that I can’t even get my camera out!)


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