Feeding Frenzy: “Pop-up” Dining Arrives in Downtown Phoenix

Food, Nightlife, What's New — By P. Escarcega on April 12, 2011 at 7:24 pm

The “pop-up” restaurant trend that has been sweeping foodie hot spots across the country has finally arrived in Phoenix, and the results are a fun, unconventional dining experience with a “built in expiration date.”

The old Lexington Hotel in downtown Phoenix, currently under renovation, is home to Cycle, Phoenix's first "pop-up" restaurant. Photo: cyclephoenix.com

Pop-up restaurants are ephemeral restaurants, with chef and staff often moving into a non-traditional location to dish out gourmet delights without the high costs of overhead. Phoenix got its taste of pop-up dining this week with the opening of Cycle, located in the old Lexington Hotel in downtown Phoenix (currently undergoing renovation). This temporary restaurant features chalkboard walls and butcher paper tablecloths, and diners are given chalk and  invited to doodle and leave their mark on the walls.  The eclectic menu is chock-full of foodie delights prepared by a rotating roster of  local superstar chefs. If you’re lucky, the popular Hey Joe! Filipino street food truck may be parked out front during your visit, dishing out egg rolls and chicken skewers, which make for tasty appetizers.

Food-lovers seeking to wake up their palates with fun, creative, always-changing menus this spring and summer should head over to Cycle before it disappears. (Cycle is scheduled to close some time in Fall 2011.)

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