There Will Be Dirt: The Dirty 6 Mud Run at Rawhide Wild West Town in Phoenix

Events, Things to Do — By P. Escarcega on April 30, 2011 at 1:06 am

What is the Dirty 6 Mud Run? And why on earth would anyone want to run across a muddy field while leap-frogging over and crawling under obstacles?

Well, the first question, at least, is easy enough to answer: the New Times Dirty 6 Mud Run is a family-friendly, mud-pile extravaganza featuring a 3 mile and 6 mile course, over 12 obstacles, and a giant mud pit. Participants slide across slippery mud fields, traverse various water and mud obstacles, climb a slippery mud mountain, face the wall of water, and battle the mighty mud pit before reaching the finish line.

Get your mud on at the Dirty 6 Mud Run on May 7th at Rawhide Wild West Town.

Jumping and sliding over mud pits will make you hungry and thirsty, of course, so there will be plenty of BBQ on the grills, and the beer will be flowing.

The Dirty 6 Mud Run will take place at Rawhide Wild West Town on Saturday, May 7th. For more for information, or to register, visit the Dirty 6 Mud Run website.


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