Prague Munchies

Food, Travel Tips — By Jacy Meyer on July 6, 2010 at 1:23 pm

If you’ve traveled to Prague from North or South America, Asia or Australia – you are going to have some jetlag. Everyone is going to get the munchies at some point during their travels around the city. So whether your stomach is growling from lack of sleep or trudging up to Prague Castle, we’ve got the cure for those hunger pains.

If you prefer to stick to food you know; you are in luck in Prague. Snickers, Twix, Lays, Pringles and Coca-Cola can all be readily found. For those looking for something a bit more healthful, chewy granola (muesli) bars and dried fruit can be picked up in nearly every grocery store. Most of the dried fruit contains sugar however, you’ll need to look in a bio store or in an organic section of a larger shop for something more natural. Want to try something a bit different and more local? Here are our tips:

Salty or sweet?

Křupky is the snack food of choice for quite a few people; many ate it as a child and still have a fondness for it today. It’s a peanut butter flavored nibble; with the texture of cheese puffs, like Cheetos. You’ve been warned. Tatranky is a favorite for those on the go; thin wafer cookies layered with chocolate and along the sides.

Caffeine Infusion

Coca-Cola is everywhere, along with Sprite and Red Bull. However to try the local version, pick up a bottle of Kofola. Begun under Communism as the local answer to evil capitalism soft drinks; it has recently come back into fashion. More of an herbal flavored, carbonated drink; it is an acquired taste.

Kid Alert!

For those looking for something simply fun; check out the Kinder line of chocolate mainly marketed to children. It’s a German brand and can be found in many countries throughout Europe. KinderSurprise is the semi-equivalent to American Cracker Jack; a treat to eat with a toy inside. These toys are hidden in an egg-shaped hollow chocolate shell. The Happy Hippo is just cute and fun; and a quick bite for those craving a little sweet.

Sophisticated Snack

Most likely you will find this in a café (and order a slice if it’s on the menu) but it’s good to know some larger supermarkets box these little slices of heaven. Medovnik is a multi-layered honey cake. Soft and sweet, the alternating layers of spongy cake and creamy filling make it the best cake in Prague. As a general rule, most of Prague’s “sweets” aren’t that sweet, so go ahead and indulge.


Need something to take home, or on the road? About 3-4 beer manufacturers now bottle their brew in big plastic jugs. Perfect for long train rides (preferably with a couple of other people to help you drink it) or to pop in the suitcase as a back home reminder of your trip. Zlatopramen is the best of the plastic bottled brands available. For a true Czech treat, pick up a box of spa wafers. Made in the Northern Bohemia town of Karlovy Vary; these big, thin round wafers look bland and boring but have a light sweet taste that’s perfect with a cup of tea or coffee. So tasty, no one will care that they arrived home in crumbles.

photos courtesy of Jacy Meyer

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