Historic Festivals in the Czech Republic

Events — By Jacy Meyer on August 9, 2010 at 6:00 am

Prague is a great place to visit, but to truly experience the country, why not escape the big city for some fresh air and small town charm? Summer is the best time to do this as there are a number of very cool festivals happening all over the country. History buffs will want to get in on the action at these great events.

Think you can only spot Vikings in Denmark or Norway? Guess again, as in the town of Neveklov you can see early medieval battles recreated at the Rogar “Betrayer of Vikings” festival. In addition to Vikings duking it out, there will be historic craft demonstrations, a spear throwing competition, archery contest and warriors’ race. August 21-22.

Like to see gladiators take each other on? How about some historic swordplay? Head to Hradec Králové in Central Bohemia for their Queen Eliška Celebration. A medieval fair, magic shows and jousting round out the entertainment. September 3-4.

One of the most fun festivals (in a great city to visit) happens every September in Tábor, Southern Bohemia. Tábor Meetings Festival is a medieval festival celebrating the town’s Hussite heritage. A craft market, fencing performance, parade of Jan Hus and his followers and lots of singing and dancing make this event a fun one for the whole family. September 10-12.

If you’d rather stay in Prague, experience the Battle of White Mountain; the decisive fight that ended the Thirty Years War in 1620. The re-enactment takes place every year in Hvězda Park. September 18-19.

Traveling around the country does take some patience. Plan your trip first by visiting the online train/bus schedule site IDOS. Then armed with times and bus numbers (if you choose to go by bus) head over a day before your trip to the main train (Hlavní nádraží, access from Metro Line C) or bus station (Florenc, access from Metro Line B or C) to buy your tickets. For the most part, buses are quicker and cheaper, but trains easier to figure out.

Photos courtesy of the Queen Eliška Celebration and the Battle of White Mountain

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