The Statues of Charles Bridge

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Charles Bridge has been undergoing a much needed renovation for more than a year now. That leaves part of this Prague icon covered and inaccessible. Don’t cross it off you list though; it’s still an integrel part to any Prague visit, and the best way to cross the river when touring around the city.

The bridge is lined with statues, built between 1683 and 1784 (way younger than the actual bridge) by some of the most prominent scultpures of the time like Matthais Braun and Ferdinand Maxmilian.

These aren’t the orignals however, no matter how old they may look. Those were taken down in the ’60s and are now in the Lapidarium, run by the National Museum. Without further ado, we introduce you to the Stautes of Charles Bridge, if you are crossing from the Old Town to Malá Strana.

Statues on the south side:
St. Ivo – the patron saint of lawyers
Sts. Barbara, Margaret and Elizabeth
Statue of the lamenting of Christ
St. Joseph – the original was destroyed by cannon fire during the 1848 revolution.
St. Francis Xavier
St. Christopher
St. Francis Borgia
St. Ludmila – St. Wenceslas’ grandmother
St. Francis of Assisi
Sts. Vincent Ferrer and Procopius
St. Nicholas of Tolentino
St. Luthgard
St. Adalbert
Sts. John of Matha, Felix of Valois and Ivan
St. Wenceslas

Statues on the north side:
Madonna and St. Bernard
Madonna and Sts Dominic and Thomas Aquinas The Crucifix and Calvary
St. Anne
Sts. Cyril and Methodius
St. John the Baptist
Sts. Norbert of Xanten, Wenscelas and Sigismund
St. John of Nepomuk – Thrown from the bridge to his death; it is now considered good luck to touch his statue
St. Anthony of Padua
St. Jude Thaddeus
St. Augustine
St. Cajetan
St. Philip Benitius
St. Vitus
St. Salvator with Cosmas and Damian

Photos courtesy of Donald Judge, Gamillos and tm-tm

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