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Hamburgers in Prague

Hamburgers in Prague May 23, 2011 | Food | Read More
On some website we learned that May is National Hamburger Month. We are too lazy, and frankly don’t care enough to confirm this information via a second reputable source (aka Google) so we will simply go with it and recommend the top places to sample hamburgers in Prague. Before we continue, we have...

Beer Blessings

Beer Blessings March 30, 2011 | Food | Read More
Plato is quoted as saying: “He was a wise man who invented beer.” While the authenticity of his authorship is a bit dodgy, let’s go with the sentiment. Czechs know a thing or two about beer brewing, and recently a Czech bishop blessed a certain batch of the country’s flagship brew, Pilsner Urquell,...

Discovering Czech Sweets

Discovering Czech Sweets March 14, 2011 | Food | Read More
Czechs love their sweets so consider it your visitor duty to sample a few of them during your time in Prague. Ice cream is one of the most popular, a sunny day will see queues at all the ice cream stands – be it February or July! Here are some other treats to try and don’t forget to ask for recommendations...

Experience a Traditional Czech Hog Feast

Experience a Traditional Czech Hog Feast February 21, 2011 | Events, Food | Read More
If you are looking to experience an old Czech tradition but in the middle of downtown and at a 5-star hotel, this weekend is for you. As a traditional start to Czech Carnival celebrations (typically called Masopust, which loosely translates as good-bye to meat), the InterContinental Hotel is putting...

Prague’s Historic Cafes for Cake

Prague’s Historic Cafes for Cake February 11, 2011 | Food, Things to Do | Read More
Looking to spend a sweet afternoon with your sweetheart in Prague? Getting a bit mushy here – so let’s just say that we want to recommend some cafes with tasty cakes. Whether you want to lovingly feed each other or get in from the cold for a caffeine fix, we suggest these historic cafes. Café Louvre:...

Prague’s Top 5 Romantic Restaurants for Valentine’s Day

Prague’s Top 5 Romantic Restaurants for Valentine’s Day February 1, 2011 | Food | Read More
Ahhh…Valentine’s Day – love it or hate it, it does seem to be the defining holiday in the dark and dreary month of February. So simply for something to celebrate we should embrace the day. Prague is often considered one of Europe’s most romantic cities, thanks to the winding cobblestone streets,...

Grand Restaurant Festival

Grand Restaurant Festival January 14, 2011 | Food | Read More
Fine dining fans are in luck if they’ll be in Prague January 15-February 15, 2011. The 2nd annual Grand Restaurant Festival gives foodies the opportunity to explore some of the best Czech restaurants for a special price. A little advanced planning is required here as you’ll need to register, reserve...

Prague Microbreweries

Prague Microbreweries December 27, 2010 | Food | Read More
Czech Republic = Beer. While our culture, music, history and architecture are a joy to discover, for better or for worse, most people know us by our beer. Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus, Staropramen…these will be on tap in just about any restaurant or pub you visit. But there are some smaller breweries,...

Festival of Taste

Festival of Taste November 8, 2010 | Food | Read More
What’s for dinner is always a big question, especially when you are traveling and don’t know the good places from the stomachache-inducing ones. The Festival of Taste is a month long promotion that will get you meals in 17 restaurants, cheap! It’s pretty easy to participate. Simply sign up for...

St. Martin’s Day in Prague

St. Martin’s Day in Prague November 5, 2010 | Food | Read More
We are going to ignore one part of the St. Martin’s legend which claims that on his feast day (November 11) he should bring the first flakes of snow. Don’t make us tell you what we think should be done with your snowflakes Mr. St. Martin!!! The more pleasant associations of St. Martin’s Day involve...
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