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Prague’s Historic Cafes for Cake

Prague’s Historic Cafes for Cake February 11, 2011 | Food, Things to Do | Read More
Looking to spend a sweet afternoon with your sweetheart in Prague? Getting a bit mushy here – so let’s just say that we want to recommend some cafes with tasty cakes. Whether you want to lovingly feed each other or get in from the cold for a caffeine fix, we suggest these historic cafes. Café Louvre:...

Prague Preconceptions

Prague Preconceptions January 26, 2011 | Travel Tips | Read More
Everyone has a preconceived notion of a city or country in their minds. It may have come from photographs, news reports or stories from friends or family that have been there. The CzechTourism agency recently surveyed recent European visitors on what they thought about the Czech Republic, and most importantly...

UNESCO in Czech Republic

UNESCO in Czech Republic December 6, 2010 | Travel Tips | Read More
Many people are familiar with UNESCO and their World Heritage Sites. But did you know they also have a list of “intangibles?” These are cultural traditions of a country that are slowly dying out. UNESCO doesn’t want to recognize and protect only monuments, buildings or other “tangibles,” but...

Czech Wonders and Rarities

Czech Wonders and Rarities November 25, 2010 | Travel Tips | Read More
The Czech Republic is a fascinating country, full of little known gems. Inventions, people and history have all combined to make our little nation a special place indeed. Fill your head with these talking points before your trip, or amaze your friends and family upon your return with your knowledge of...

Sites of the Velvet Revolution

Sites of the Velvet Revolution November 17, 2010 | Things to Do, Travel Tips | Read More
Today is Freedom & Democracy Day, a public holiday in the Czech Republic. On November 17, 1989, the Velvet Revolution began, which eventually led to the end of Communism in Czechoslovakia. For the past two days, we reviewed a timeline of this historic event. Today, we introduce you to the important...

Freedom & Democracy Day – Part 2

Freedom & Democracy Day – Part 2 November 16, 2010 | Travel Tips | Read More
November 17 is Freedom & Democracy Day in the Czech Republic. this is the second in a 2-part series on the history of the Velvet Revolution. Despite the fact that their neighbouring Communist countries had been seeing unrest and protests for some time, the Czechoslovak government was totally unprepared...

Freedom & Democracy Day – Part 1

Freedom & Democracy Day – Part 1 November 15, 2010 | Travel Tips | Read More
November 17 is a public holiday in the Czech Republic, Freedom & Democracy Day. On this day in 1989, thousands of people took to the streets demanding a change in government. Following the lead of their Eastern European neighbours, citizens peacefully protested against the Communist regime, and...

Czech Astronomical Clocks

Czech Astronomical Clocks October 20, 2010 | Things to Do | Read More
Prague’s astronomical clock is one of the city’s most popular tourist sites. In honor of its 600th birthday, we wrote a bit more about the history and detail of this special clock. But you time management types who just can’t get enough of big timepieces are in luck. Prague isn’t the only Czech...

Happy Birthday Prague Clock!

Happy Birthday Prague Clock! October 18, 2010 | Things to Do | Read More
Prague’s Astronomical Clock, though not looking a day over 450, is actually 600 years old this year! One of the city’s most famous cultural heritage sites and a tourist favorite, the Prague Orloj (clock in Czech) was designed by Mikuláš of Kadan in the early 15th century. Additional work was done...

The Statues of Charles Bridge

The Statues of Charles Bridge October 11, 2010 | Things to Do, What's New | Read More
Charles Bridge has been undergoing a much needed renovation for more than a year now. That leaves part of this Prague icon covered and inaccessible. Don’t cross it off you list though; it’s still an integrel part to any Prague visit, and the best way to cross the river when touring around...
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