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Prague’s Astronomical Clock Stopped for Repairs

Prague’s Astronomical Clock Stopped for Repairs April 8, 2011 | Travel Tips | Read More
Visitors to Prague in the next couple of weeks will miss out on what is arguably the best-loved tourist attraction in the city: The hourly “ringing” of the Prague Orloj. Built in 1410, this astronomical clock on the Old Town Hall Tower amuses hordes of people every day with its chimes and procession...

Happy Birthday Prague Clock!

Happy Birthday Prague Clock! October 18, 2010 | Things to Do | Read More
Prague’s Astronomical Clock, though not looking a day over 450, is actually 600 years old this year! One of the city’s most famous cultural heritage sites and a tourist favorite, the Prague Orloj (clock in Czech) was designed by Mikuláš of Kadan in the early 15th century. Additional work was done...

Art Out & About: Key Sculpture

Art Out & About: Key Sculpture June 15, 2010 | Things to Do, What's New | Read More
Prague’s outdoor “art” is mostly composed of its stunning architectural variety and preservation. Gothic, Baroque, Art Nouveau, Cubism…the list goes on. Public art doesn’t have much of a tradition here, so we were quite pleased when this new installation was put up in Franz...