Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel

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Although Providence isn’t one of the biggest cities in the northeast, its location between major cities Boston and New York bring it big name performance acts that you may not expect for its size. Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel is a popular venue for music, comedy and spoken word acts throughout the year. College students form Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design are avid patrons since the venue is only a 20-minute walk down the hill from the schools. But don’t expect strictly coeds – the top notch acts brought in to Lupo’s attracts crowds from various age demographics, from the early 20’s students to the middle-aged workforce of downtown Providence that both share the love of a great concert.

The intimate setting provides everyone with a clear, close view and theater quality acoustics, while still managing to pack in a few hundred-audience members for a given show. The audience comes right up to the

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stage, offering a great change from an arena-sized show where you’re stuck watching the big screen. Most of Lupo’s acts come from pop, alternative, indie, electronic, and techno genres. Its capacity is popular for bands such as Wilco, the Flaming Lips, and White Stripes that have strong college and young professional followings, but is still big enough to attract some of the biggest names in music such as the Foo Fighters, Justin Bieber and Nelly Furtado. Look up the calendar before a visit to Providence to see if a show fits into your trip.

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Prepare for a sold out crowd to mean a packed audience of standing room only which can get hot and a bit stuffy, especially if you’re pushing towards the front to get a better view of the band. If you are going to push up, take the time before the show or during the opening act to buy a bottle or two of water from the bar so you don’t have to leave during the show.

Located at 79 Washington Street, Lupo’s is around the corner from the Biltmore Hotel and less than a ten-minute walk from the Hilton, Westin, Courtyard Marriott Downtown, Hotel Providence and Providence Place Mall making it a central entertainment location with minimal travel time. Tickets for its events are sold at for online purchase and at-home ticket printing or will call (must bring credit card used for purchase and a photo ID). Call the box office at (401) 831-4071 for more info. You must be 18 years or older to attend.

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