Puerto Rico: Gay Friendly

Events, Hotels, Nightlife, Things to Do, Travel Tips — By Melissa Alvarado Sierra on April 1, 2011 at 1:20 pm

Puerto Ricans are known for their friendly nature, so it’s no wonder that the gay community finds in Puerto Rico a welcoming vibe with places tailored just for them. The island boasts great spots if you know where to look, so read on.

Sauntering around Condado is a must for any traveler visiting Puerto Rico. If you want to find the local gay scene, look no farther than here. Beaches, hotels and clubs exclusive to the gay population can be found around Condado. The Atlantic Beach Hotel is a favorite and a key social hub, as well as the mainstream Marriott and At Wind Chimes Inn where you can meet and mingle with an inviting backdrop. As for clubs, check out Club Lazer, Eros and Cups, all in the metropolitan area.

Last, but definitely not the least, are Puerto Rico’s beautiful beaches. In Condado, head to Vending street, next to the Atlantic Beach Hotel where you can also rent chairs from. This beach is crowded on weekends, but good during the entire week.  If you are into nude beaches or just want to get an overall tan, know that this is considered illegal in Puerto Rico. But if you are willing to travel a bit though, then head to Palomino island, where there is a rumored nude beach managed by El Conquistador Resort.

If you are into nature and appreciate the benefits of having a beach all to yourself, then Vieques is the place to be. The island is a favorite among the gay community and the scene is very much alive. You’ll make new friends and mingle with the local gay population. It’s the most gay-friendly island in the area!

More info on Vieques: For such a small island, Vieques boasts a grand array of wonders and activities galore. This once Navy dominated paradise is currently renewing from more than 60 years of bombing; and the world is starting to notice. Travelers from all corners of the globe flock to Viequesand enjoy its pristine beaches, one of the few bio-luminescent bays in the world (some say it’s the brightest) and admire the rural scenery. It’s sad to picture such a place being bombed for so long.

Wild horses run freely on the hilly island, dirt roads take you to unimaginable turquoise waters and the people are described by many as some of the nicest and most unpretentious in the Caribbean. They live in an island rhythm that is nostalgically attractive. The vibe is that of decades past. It’s this rhythm that makes Vieques so special. Even after all those years of bombing, Viequenses stay optimistic and upbeat, and love their island more than anything because they know Vieques is something else.

With stylish new hotels, among them the recently opened W Retreat and Spa, Vieques is positioning itself as a chic and untouched destination that attracts many style savvy travelers. Business seems to be booming, and with the help of the population, the island aims to stay pristine even with more visitors. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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