Cheap Stays in San Juan

Hotels, Travel Tips — By Melissa Alvarado Sierra on September 30, 2011 at 11:52 pm


Whether it’s your first trip to the Caribbean or your yearly ritual, Puerto Rico is the place for a great vacation. When choosing among hotels, you’ll want to do some research since every neighborhood’s price range varies. Your experience staying in a luxury hotel in Condado could be very different from a mid-range hotel or condominium in the heart of Old San Juan.

There are many things affecting the price of accommodations in San Juan. First of all are travel dates. If you travel during peak season, expect a significant rise in the cost of hotel rooms. Basically, summer (June-August) and winter (December-April) are busier times in San Juan and Puerto Rico at large. The remainder of the year tends to be cheaper and it’s more likely for you to find great bargains. I recommend booking in advance and if possible choosing to visit during the off-season. Hotels act generous then and offer free amenities.

Another factor that affects price is the location. If you are looking to stay at a prime beach-front spot, expect to pay more for it.  By staying a few blocks aways, your bill will be a little less expensive. Always verify reviews for the properties you are interested in and consider the distance from those hotels to, say, the beach or any other attraction you’d like to visit. Many tourists prefer to fill their days exploring the island or even lounging on the beach. If the hotel room is the least of your concerns and you don’t need much more than a bed and a hot shower, then a budget hotel far from the coast could serve splendidly.

The third aspect to consider when looking for cheap accommodations are the amenities. San Juan hotels go from budget, dirt cheap hotels, all the way up to five-star resorts. You’ll need to spend some time finding a match in terms of budget and preferences. If you can live without having an ocean view, a beach-front room, having a casino or luxurious swimming pool, then you will most definitely find a good bargain in San Juan.

Here are some great sites to find budget accommodations. These were recommended by friends, and some I have visited myself:

Vida Urbana Rentals: Vida Urbana offers short and long term rentals for under $100 a night. Locations are in Old San Juan, Isla Verde, Condado and island-wide.

VRBO: This site has a huge listing of properties all over the world and of course in San Juan. You can find great accommodations for less than $100 and amazing ones for a little more.

FlipKey: Another great site with extensive listings. These are all vacations rentals, so you can find houses and entire properties for rent on the cheap.