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Rural Puerto Rico: Beyond San Juan

Rural Puerto Rico: Beyond San Juan February 7, 2011 | Food, Things to Do, Travel Tips | Read More
Delve deep into the Puerto Rico most tourists don’t know about. The island’s countryside, tucked in the high lands of the central mountain range, boasts a kaleidoscope of rustic charm and friendly people. Head to Cayey & Aibonito (where the panoramic route is located), Dorado, Vega Alta, Rincon,...

Sights of Vieques

Sights of Vieques January 7, 2011 | Hotels, Things to Do | Read More
Beauty and charm is everywhere in Vieques, a pristine island off the coast of Puerto Rico. With white sand beaches, a bioluminescent bay and fantastic history, Vieques is definitely unique and different from the rest of Puerto Rico.This photographic journey aims to show lesser known areas as well as...