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San Juan on a Budget: Part One

May 20, 2011 | Events, Food, Nightlife, Things to Do, Travel Tips, What's New | Read More
Travelers tend to see Puerto Rico as an expensive destination in comparison to other islands. Surprisingly, most attractions are inexpensive. If you are visiting Puerto Rico and decide to stay in San Juan, there’s the obvious expense of staying in a hotel, which are indeed expensive in the capital....

Puerto Rico: Gay Friendly

Puerto Rico: Gay Friendly April 1, 2011 | Events, Hotels, Nightlife, Things to Do, Travel Tips | Read More
Puerto Ricans are known for their friendly nature, so it’s no wonder that the gay community finds in Puerto Rico a welcoming vibe with places tailored just for them. The island boasts great spots if you know where to look, so read on. Sauntering around Condado is a must for any traveler visiting Puerto...

Puerto Rico: A Caribbean Vacation Paradise

Puerto Rico: A Caribbean Vacation Paradise January 11, 2011 | What's New | Read More
Puerto Rico, a self-governing U.S. territory—roughly the size of Connecticut with a population of about 4 million—is cosmopolitan Caribbean playground with an interesting blend of Latino, African and American cultures. Here, you are as likely to find centuries-old Spanish buildings as stylish modern...

Sights of Vieques

Sights of Vieques January 7, 2011 | Hotels, Things to Do | Read More
Beauty and charm is everywhere in Vieques, a pristine island off the coast of Puerto Rico. With white sand beaches, a bioluminescent bay and fantastic history, Vieques is definitely unique and different from the rest of Puerto Rico.This photographic journey aims to show lesser known areas as well as...
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