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Special Report: Vieques Island is Moving On

Special Report: Vieques Island is Moving On April 21, 2014 | Hotels, Things to Do, Travel Tips, What's New | Read More
  First sight of Vieques from the ferry. Vieques, a plantain-shaped island seven miles off the coast of mainland Puerto Rico, was the site of a U.S. Navy training ground used for bombing and gunning exercises for six decades. But since the Navy left in 2003, the small island has experienced a different...

Neighboring Island: Puerto Rico

Neighboring Island: Puerto Rico April 1, 2011 | Events, Things to Do, What's New | Read More
Have you ever thought about moving to an island in the Caribbean? I’m sure most people have. Imagine waking up to the sound of the waves, going hiking in a tropical forest or kayaking a bioluminescent bay on weekends: sounds like a dream. Luckily for Puerto Ricans, this dream is a reality. A lot...

Sailing Paradise

Sailing Paradise February 7, 2011 | Things to Do, Travel Tips | Read More
Watch the sun rise over the Eastern Caribbean as you set sail to the Spanish virgin islands of Vieques and Culebra just off the coast of Puerto Rico. You’ll discover wonderful sites and beautiful people. Move from Vieques and Culebra to the neighboring US Virgins for a different experience and new...

Green Puerto Rico

Green Puerto Rico January 17, 2011 | Hotels, What's New | Read More
Tamarindo Estates | Culebra Island, Puerto Rico - tamarindoestates.com It’s not easy being green, even with the latest environmental efforts in full swing, the island of enchantment needs a little push. Well, maybe a big push. Puerto Rico needs help to become a green destination and tourists can...

Puerto Rico: A Caribbean Vacation Paradise

Puerto Rico: A Caribbean Vacation Paradise January 11, 2011 | What's New | Read More
Puerto Rico, a self-governing U.S. territory—roughly the size of Connecticut with a population of about 4 million—is cosmopolitan Caribbean playground with an interesting blend of Latino, African and American cultures. Here, you are as likely to find centuries-old Spanish buildings as stylish modern...

Sights of Vieques

Sights of Vieques January 7, 2011 | Hotels, Things to Do | Read More
Beauty and charm is everywhere in Vieques, a pristine island off the coast of Puerto Rico. With white sand beaches, a bioluminescent bay and fantastic history, Vieques is definitely unique and different from the rest of Puerto Rico.This photographic journey aims to show lesser known areas as well as...
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