The Carnaval de Quebec: A Carnival Unlike Any Other

What's New — By Lia Del Priore on October 1, 2010 at 2:34 pm

How to even begin to describe the Carnaval de Quebec

When the nights get cold and the days become shorter, the fun begins in the lively city of Quebec.  It’s here you’ll find a little something for everyone and then some.  Stated in 1894, this carnival is rich with the history and vibrancy of the area.  There are many traditions alive and kicking throughout this carnival, so come prepared to participate!  Be sure and wear a Bonhomme’s Arrow Sash, a piece of traditional clothing worn by the locals to keep the cold winter winds from entering your clothing.  And don’t forget to bring a trumpet!  These long red trumpets are blown by every man, woman, and child during festival time, and are sure to put you in the celebratory mood.  Not to be missed is the Ice Palace, one of the premiere events of the carnival.  These beautiful ice constructions are big enough to walk through, and even have dungeons!  The Canoe Race is another legendary event well-loved by the locals.  So if you have the urge to see locals jump into absolutely freezing water in the dead of winter (and face it, who wouldn’t?), this is an event that must be witnessed firsthand.  After watching the Canoe Race, check out the Snow Sculpture Competition.  These beautiful winter sculptures will redefine the way you look at a snowman.  Once the lights go down and the night sets in, check out the Night Parade.  Teeming with huge floats and tons of party-goers, this is one of the rowdier events of the Carnival de Quebec.  And if you happen to get a little chilly make sure to sample the drink of the event; the Caribou.  Made with vodka, brandy, sherry, and port, this warm drink is sure to keep you toasty all through the evening.  With events galore to see and do, it’s no wonder this in one of the most popular events in Quebec City!