Le Continental: A Dinner Out in Quebec City

What's New — By Lia Del Priore on October 8, 2010 at 2:53 pm


A dinner out in Quebec City should be elegant, classic, and above all; French.  Look no further than Le Continental, a lovely dining establishment in the heart of Old Quebec city.  This romantic French restaurant is simply not to be missed during your travels to Quebec City.  Built in 1845 and nestled within a beautiful Victorian mansion, it’s here you’ll find the traditional French cuisine you’ve been looking for.  The ambiance is unparallel to other restaurants in the city, making this a fantastic spot to bring a special someone.  In the earlier evening hours, this is also a great place for a business dinner.  If you’ve been to Quebec before, you’ve probably learned the coveted secret; that Quebec really is a little piece of France.  Here at Le Continental, it’s easy to see why.  What’s foray into French culinary delight without a little escargot?  These delicious snails in butter (really, try it) are a staple of classic French cooking here in Quebec.  If you’re in the mood for soup, order one of the delicious bisques.  These creamy soups are a great accompaniment to a main dish of either seafood or local game.  All are great choices at Le Continental.  In particular, the Salmon with Green Pepper Sauce the Veal Medallions Marsala are excellent choices.  For those who truly love a spectacular cut of meat, make sure to order one of the fresh flambés, such as the Filet Mignon Continental, that the French are so well known for.  All food is fresh, local, and prepared using the finest French ingredients.  Don’t forget to order a glass of red wine for the restaurant has quite the array!  After dinner, order the cheese plate, a special course unto its own.  Be sure and save some room for dessert!  French cuisine is well-loved for delicious baked goods.   There are so many amazing choices that it’s practically a guarantee you’ll have a hard time choosing, so order a few to share among the table!  Afterwards, order a cappuccino.  After this foray into French dining, you’ll never go back.