Local Farmer’s Markets

Food, Things to Do — By Jennifer Curry on October 4, 2010 at 3:08 am

If a pilgrimage for locally sourced foods strikes your fancy head to these open-air markets where locavores saunter, socialize and buy the freshest seasonal produce, dairy, meat and farm fresh flowers available.

Raleigh Downtown Farmer’s Market

This haven of sustainably grown produce and artisan food is frequented by downtown Raleighites taking a break from the daily grind.  Open only on Wednesdays from 10am-2pm, there is no shortage of beautiful hormone-free meat, fantastic free range eggs, super specialty cheeses, fancy fresh cut flowers and jaw-dropping seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Raleigh State Farmer's Market

Raleigh State Farmer's Market (photo by acrawford)

Raleigh State Farmer’s Market

Located in West Raleigh, on the outskirts of downtown.  This largest open-air market is frequented by locavores and globavores alike for their local and non-local products.  Two Southern style restaurants and a funky garden retail shop add to the experience.  Community farmers from the Triangle and diverse areas of North Carolina showcase their selections of seasonal fruits and vegetables, lovely free range eggs and hormone free meats, splendid dairy farm cheeses and a kaleidoscope of colorful cut flowers.  Open seven days a week until 5pm.

Western Wake Farmer's Market

Western Wake Farmer's Market (photo by amystrazzle)

Western Wake Farmer’s Market

Nourishing the community with locally grown sustenance; their mantra is to help all walks of life from farmers, locals and the less fortunate.  Select vendors exhibit their sustainable product including Coon Rock Farm, Muddy Dog Roasting Company and the Hillsborough Cheese Company.  Local craft and artisan events are featured and programs such as the Farmer Food-share are utilized.  Open Saturdays, April-November 8am-12pm.

Midtowne Farmer’s Market

If an urban setting is on your agenda stop by this thriving open-air market to support local farmers and hear live entertainment every Saturday until 4pm through November.  Local produce includes a plethora of organic vegetables, creamy and chunky cheeses, fantastic herbs, flowers, meats and baked goods utilizing seasonal fruit.

Durham Farmer's Market

Durham Farmer's Market (photo by weege)

Durham Farmer’s Market

In the heart of downtown Durham breathes a community of farmers, growers and crafters.  With a commitment to sustainable, local products everything sold comes from no more than 70 miles away.  Raising food sustainably and being good stewards of the environment prevails.  Seek out a stellar selection of fresh local fruits and vegetables, meats, artisan cheeses, farm fresh eggs, potted plants, medicinal herbs and handmade crafts.  Open Wednesday and Saturdays from 8am-12pm and Wednesday from 3:30-6:30pm.

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