Al Fresco Dining in Reno

Food, Nightlife — By christinanellemann on July 13, 2011 at 3:50 pm

Summer in Reno is a great time to be eating and enjoying the outdoors. The weather is hot during the day, but it cools off at night. There are hardly any bugs and the city is alive with the arts and music festival of Artown. Several restaurants and bars throw open their doors for the summer and serve up special dishes in celebration of the warm weather. Here are the top five most popular places to eat outside in Reno.

1. Wild River Grille
The Wild River Grille is a popular place in the shadow of the downtown Artist’s Lofts. The outdoor section has a view of the Truckee River and you can do a lot of people watching from their outdoor patio decorated with plants and lights.

2. Silver Peak
Both the downtown and the MidTown Silver Peak restaurants feature outdoor dining. The downtown site is near the Arts District and the movie theater, and the MidTown site has a two-story roof patio with a view of most of Reno.

3. Blue Plate
For something a little more quiet, visit the backyard of the Blue Plate on California Avenue. This Asian fusion restaurant serves dinner and lunch in their tree-lined backyard on weekdays only. They are closed on the weekends.

4. Bertha Miranda’s
Grab a great margarita and some excellent food at this Mexican restaurant just East of downtown Reno. The back patio of this cute old house is covered, and filled with trees.

5. Stone House Café
This pretty stone cottage just south of downtown Reno offers up a huge selection of food and one of the best outdoor eating areas in Reno. The outdoor dining room is shaded in some areas and full of flowers and plants.

There are also several bars where you can grab a drink out in the sunshine. These include the Sierra Tap House or the Ole Bridge Pub with views of the Truckee River, the Imperial with its large open windows, St. James Infirmary in the CalAve district and the Biggest Little City Bar just down the street. The Lincoln Lounge on 4th Street is another popular outdoor bar.

Photo Courtesy of the Stone House Café

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