Top Five Sushi Places in Reno

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Reno has become one of the only places that I have heard of where you can chow down on All You Can Eat sushi for a price that won’t bust your wallet. I have even met people from the Bay Area who have driven up to Reno just to have a really fresh tasting sushi lunch. There are a dozen or so excellent sushi restaurants in the Reno and all of them serve AYCE sushi lunches and dinners. Lunches are typically around $15-$20 per person and dinners are about $25-$30 per person. Each restaurant has a similar menu, but with a few twists and usually their own signature roll. Some lunch menus do not offer every roll and some places only offer appetizers like soup, salad or mussels only with dinner. Here are the top five sushi places in the Reno area:

1. Sushi Club

My personal favorite. I have friends that have been coming here for years and they even have rolls named after them. Both lunch and dinner comes with miso soup and a cabbage salad with some excellent dressing. Their specialty rolls include the Wayne’s Hand Roll, the San Francisco with spicy crab on top and the excellent Salmon Skin Hand Roll. The Nigiri sushi is very tasty and fresh and the best pieces are the salmon with slices of lemon and the Cooked Scallop. Sushi Club is large and in a sports bar atmosphere, but don’t let that turn you off. The service is fast and friendly and if you decide to come regularly you can become a member of the club and receive a T-shirt and $2 off every meal. Try to sit at the bar if you can.

2. Hiroba Sushi

Consistently voted one of the best sushi places in town and usually packed every night, Hiroba Sushi in the foothills above Reno has a cool vibe and wonderful sushi. Lunch comes with a bottle of warm sake and you can choose from a wide variety of rolls, Nigiri and hand rolls like the Yellowtail, the Paradise Roll and the Upside Down Shrimp. Visitors rave about the desserts which include Mochi Ice Cream and Fried Banana Ice Cream.

3. Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

One of the more expensive places to eat sushi in Reno, but definitely one of the best. The flavor and quality is top notch and the service is very good. The Ichiban sushi bar is located at the front of the Teppanyaki restaurant, so sushi eaters can also get a view of the the dinner shows. Appetizers such as Tempura Shrimp and Vegetables and Mussels are served as well as the Red and Golden Dragon Rolls, Happy Roll, Sierra Mountain Roll and various vegetarian roles. The sushi chefs are talented, quick and fun to watch.

4. Sushi Pier 2

Another popular spot for visitors and locals, Sushi Pier 2 on Virginia Street has a revolving menu that keeps people on their toes. The most popular items are the Mountain Roll, the Crystal Shrimp and the Salmon Nigiri. This place is popular, so make reservations for the bar or for large groups.

5. Tha Joint

This sushi place is a little out of the downtown area (on the Pyramid Highway in North Reno), but has Reno residents hopping to get locked into Tha Joint. This place is themed as a mobster hangout and the sushi names reflect that: Tha Shiznit, Tha Dank, Tha Sexy Housewife and Tha Misfits are all popular roles. The AYCE lunch menu includes appetizers, sushi and dessert, but you can also order teriyaki dishes if you don’t want fish.


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